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Burlap Wrapped Fall Wreath

My door was looking a bit naked since I lost/misplaced my other Autumn Wreath after MOPS. A photo on inspired me to dig out my old spring/summer wreath and give it a fall-face-lift. Here is the result:

Materials Already-On-Hand:
Wreath Burlap Twine Dark red-orange fabric Medium-orange fabric Toothpicks Scotch Tape
Materials Bought: Bright-orange fabric taken from a shirt on the Thrift Store Clearance rack: .25cents

I chose to double my fabric so the leaves wouldn't look so droopy. All three colors are from previously worn and washed shirts and didn't have alot of "umph" left in their stitches. I rather like the look, too, since leaves overlap each other on trees anyways. 

Still thought the leaves looked too droopy, especially the stem portions, so I taped toothpicks onto the backs as needed. 
Yes, ironing with starch would have solved this problem, but I HATE ironing. So we'll consider this the "no-ironing" approach. lol 
You can see the pen…

Candy Corn Garland

Totally Green Crafts is having Totally Green Contest which ends this Friday, Sept. 28th.  The challenge was: a cardboard box, any cardboard box. After raiding our recycle bins I settled on the purple diaper wipes box in the background. The material is sturdier and seems a better fit for garland that will hang outdoors.

Also, partying at Catch A Glimpse Party 100 .

Materials Already-On-Hand: Cardboard Box Candy Corn Template from Google search White Spray Paint Black Spray Paint Twine Glue Gun (not pictured) Modge Podge (not pictured)
Materials Bought:          Project Cost: $4ish  Yellow, Orange, and White Acrylic Paint  $3ish at Hobby Lobby Animation Face Stickers  $1 at Walmart

Step 1: Use template to cut out desired amount of Candy Corn. My box yielded 11. Optional: Spray paint white.

Step Two: Paint. I used two coats, even with the white spray paint covering up the cardboard.

Step Three (optional): Since this is a Halloween decoration I opted to …

Autumn Wreath Finale...maybe

Might be done adding to this...we'll see!  I lost the wreath! ~sniffle, sniffle~ I took it to MOPS during our Denim Flower craft time to show the variations that could be made. While loading everything (the kids, the diaper bag, the craft supplies, my purse) I set the wreath on the sidewalk so the flowers wouldn't get squished. After arranging everything and buckling the kids into their chairs I drove off without setting the wreath on top of the pile. ~sniffle, sniffle~ I drove back as soon as I noticed it was missing (maybe 20 minutes later) but it was gone. I hope whoever has it is enjoying it...although I do hope it shows up in the church's Lost and Found cabinet. ~fingers crossed~

So to answer the question: done yet??? Yep. Unless its found.

Click here for instructions on how to make the wreath and decorations.

Fabric Pumpkin and Fall Garland

I just bought my FIRST sewing machine! In the haste to try it out I picked a fun looking project that proved to be a bit over my head. Turns out that three fabric types and curved pieces are more intermediate than rookie-beginner. It turned out ok...the deep orange fabric was more stretchy than I realized so my pumpkin stretched out instead of "puffed up" during stuffing. Oh well. Live and Learn! (Good thing about 3-D crafts, they can be turned around to hid the flaws!)

Click here for the pattern. I used the Small Pumpkin Pattern and the size is great. Might make a couple smaller ones to keep this one company. 
Materials Already On-Hand:                   Project Cost: FREE!!! Fabric (raided the back of my closet and dresser)           I used three different types/colors of fabric. Stuffing (gutted some throw pillows from craigslist "free") Thread (found some in my craft idea when I picked it up)  Sewing Machine or Needle
I used two swatches from each p…

Denim Flowers: Part Three

Our first MOPS craft is next week so I've been busy making variations of Denim Flowers. Its mildly stressful to find a craft that will appeal to fifty women. Some crafty, some not, some like flowers, some don't, some know how to sew, others throw away and buy new in lieu of mending...and the list could go on. 
Hopefully if this idea is presented with enough versatility and purpose it will be well received. One of my goals as the craft coordinator is FUN! 
Below are two more denim flower variations. The first is pined to my daughter's headband at her request. Love the idea...but maybe with a different headband! lol Currently both flowers were added to my Autumn Wreath. I'll try to get a picture of it later. 

Autumn Wreath

In keeping with the theme of Reusing and Renewing I challenged myself to create an Autumn wreath using what I had at home. The burlap-like fabric was a purchased remnant...everything else is an upcycle.

Juice Lid Circles:
To see the post on how to make these, click here.  These three were made from an old church handout from last year. I'd saved it because I loved the leaf design. Jute was glued around the edge of the juice lids. 

Denim Flowers: To see the post on how to make these, click here. These are the original two flowers I made in my Denim Flowers post. The only addition is the beads sewn into the centers for a more decorative touch. We're making these for MOPS this month and it was suggested to add a button or something to the center. Me likey! 
All decorations were pinned with orange and yellow straight pins from my sewing box. I have commitment issues and wasn't ready to permanently place these on the wreath. I rather like the idea of changing up the decorations …

Origami Box Garland

Joining in the fun at A Glimpse Inside.
This idea was pinned by PoppyTalk. 
Love this idea from The directions are here for DIY Globe Garland. I used both maps and old scrapbook paper to make my garlands. See the captions for paper and size choice. 

My favorite size to work with is the 6 inch square. 5 inches is a bit more difficult to blow up and the 8 inches is too clunky for my taste. We'll be making these for MOPS this year (I'm the Craft Coordinator). We'll be using 12 inch scrap book paper (Birthday, Christmas, Autumn themed paper) cut into 6 inch squares. Two paper cutters will be available for anyone who wants to downsize an inch. Hopefully I can get some pictures.