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Italy-inspired Vignette using Suitcase Makeover

Last year I made over this old curb-find suitcase. I haven't had a chance to show it off outside off this blog but the chance came this holiday season. As you can see, the picture on the left sports newly painted silver hardware. The picture below shows the hardware painted the same as the body. I like the bright difference of silver against the teal.

Our school had a Winter Extravaganza where each classroom was a different country. My room was Christmas in Italy. The suitcase was used as part of my set-up. The curriculum revolved around La Bafana, the Good Witch, who flies around on Christmas Eve looking for baby Jesus, dropping sweets and treats into stockings in case He was there.

But I couldn't just leave it at the craft alone, this is my dream country! A visit to Italy needed something more to add to the experience. A projector, sharpie, and butcher paper "built" the Tower of Pisa, which was giggled as the Tower of Pizza by several students.

The flag is made of…

2019 Crafty Goals

In no particular order:

* make a large farmhouse picnic table
* makeover the old gliding bench
* hang vintage ladder with additional lighting
* make custom-fitted picture ledges for the sitting room/office
* create a display area for kids' artwork
* reclaimed wood wall on the half-way in kitchen/den area
* organize craft room
* create dedicated space for kid's crafting area
* reupholster chair
* can I grow lemon trees?
* hang hammock chairs
* fix screws in the basement wall
* make more reclaimed wood stars
* make larger Christmas card holder
* make twine star garland
* try to create a smash book
* hide cords behind the TV
* learn to use the rotating saw in storage
* maybe replace the kitchen dining light fixture
* finish the quilt I started before Thanksgiving

Here's to 42% more likely to get these done this calendar year!