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Tuquiose Tea Box

Geez, forgot to spell check the title/link to this post. Lesson learned!

In early September I sent out a blog post asking for opinions on the chicken wire front I'd glued to the front of this mini box. Sometimes I get lost in my projects and can't see the forest for the trees. To see the original post, Click Here.
(In between posts, the turquoise color was subdued with homemade vinegar & steel wool stain. Then sealed with a clear matte sealer. )
Lauren @ Wonderfully Made suggested adding a pull. 
Thankfully I have an extensive bottle cap collection that I scored big on Varage sale, bought a box of them for $5. And once people know you are collecting bottle caps and wine corks, they collect them for you. So nice to know people are thinking about me! From the collection, I picked three designs and dug out a simple pull that would easily fit under the bottle cap. E-6000 attached the cap to the top of the knob. 

I LOVED the vintage look of the 1911 cap a…