Monday, January 27, 2014

Floor Samples to Key Holder

My prayer? Help me find my keys!
My least favorite text to get from my husband is, "I have both sets of keys," which leaves me at home with nothing to get around on but my own two legs. It doesn't help that our key rings are nearly identical or that we don't really  have "our" cars. We have the kids car and then the other car. Whoever has the kids usually ends up with the van...and often with the van keys with the remote opener. With keys growing legs and walking in and out of pockets, off shelves, and I swear, up and down stairs we needed a better system for keeping an eye on these devious keys.
And why buy something when you can make it for practically free?

Here's what I scrounged up:
These were leftover from our kitchen renovation planning which is still in progress...and will be for quite some time. Since baby number three we've switched into basement renovations to create more space. Someday I'll be able to kiss our 80's laminate flooring goodbye. 

 I totally have a girl crush, or is it a crafting crush???, on Lake Girl Paints, especially her Dip and Drag painting technique. So worth checking out! I've been waiting for the "right" project to try this out on. Adds some pops of color to our living room.

 I used wood glue to hold the pieces together and E-6000 glue for the pop tab holders. Sealed with polycrylic.

pop can tabs glued on for holders

as it appears with the different lighting

his keys, her keys, spare

Now that I'll be able to find my keys I'll have to come up with a better excuse for being late! lol

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Paper Beads and Wine

Does anyone else de-stress while crafting & drinking wine? My sister brought some wine from New York and the Grand Valley, Colorado;  they were the perfect pairing with crafting -- cheese and strawberries optional. It helped make rolling paper beads fun. If you've ever made paper beads you'll know that its time consuming, great to do while watching a movie, a long movie. Or catching up on your DVR'd shows. Or having a long conversation with someone.

*  light card board (soda box)
* mod podge for gluing/rolling
* kabob sticks to roll beads on
* paint brushes
* coat hanger & wire cutters

* glass of wine--not pictured, 
it was in my other hand ;)

used a metallic red acrylic paint 

 The kids found the chicken wire by the side of the road and it was the perfect fit for this thrift-ed frame. Score! 
The backing was a scrap of linen leftover from a remnant bin. 
Love it when the bulk of materials for projects are free or cheap. :)

The kids shirts say, "I Love Daddy."

This is a perfect little "greeting" when we first come in the door. Especially as we move closer to Valentine's Day. Who has our hearts? Our family. :)

I totally love how this turned out and want to make more. Thinking of doing mini stars next time. Or a necklace. Or both.

Cheers! & Happy Bead Rolling

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Framed Mirror

Gotta love Pinterest and Blogland for some amazingly inspiring ideas! As soon as I saw these framed mirrors I knew I wanted one somewhere. Being totally indecisive it took awhile to narrow down the room, then the wall, then the color of the frame.

Only had one mirror to work with....for now! Guess what I'll be hunting for at the thrift store? 

Here is my garage sale gem mirror.
Its adorable and small. Tiny. Petite. In other words: its not a very practical mirror. Great for bouncing light in a room...not so great for a last minute hair & makeup check as I dash out the door.

And here is the wall I'm redoing for our breakfast nook:

The bottom right square frame will be paired with the mirror. 

I totally love the pop of orange against the brown wall.

In the bottom of a box I found a handful of burlap scraps which were pieced together and lightly Modpodged onto the frame back.

This is cute, but I want some color!!!!

Good morning sunshine!

Totally open to painting this a different color down the road as the breakfast nook is transformed. For now, though, I'm totally happy with it. 

I'll be keeping my eye open for more bargain frames and mirrors!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Up-cycling a Recyclable

Since updating our  Cozy Breakfast Nook I've been motivated to change the decor in the dining area. I didn't really hate the existing decor, it just lacked color. I've been surfing Pinterest for Tuscan color schemes to add to my color palette board and found some fun ideas!  (How did I waste time pre-Pinterest????) 

Not sure if I'll stick with this shade of red for the final product, but I'm digging it right now. 

Usually the protein/whey containers my husband uses are tossed into the recycle bin. Just so happened to have an empty one in the craft room set aside for **just in case.** It was the perfect size.

one rope package was not enough
this size container needed 1 1/2 rope packages

cut off most of the top

hot glued rope around
*** using hot glue causes the rope to
solidify in place before sliding the ropes up to close any gaps ***

back to the store for more rope

mixed red and brown acrylic paints to my liking

Off to create some more colorful additions for the breakfast nook. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Intentional: My Word for 2014

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Last year's Word of the Year was Savor. The goal was to be a Human-BEing verses Human-DOing. Two weeks later I found out I was pregnant and my energy level plummeted, therefore, I was not in anyway a human-doing. Human-BEing the whole way! I sat in the recliner eating Popsicles all summer and had very few commitments. Not exactly what I had in mind for the year or how I planned to enjoy myself, but it was still an accomplish-able goal. :)

This year's goal: to be intentional, can still encompass the idea of savoring the moments, but adds more focus to my days.

There are also some very specific goals that I want to be intentional about. Like the The Orange Rhino Challenge: a 365 day journey to yell less and love more. I'm tired and admit to some difficulty juggling the 3 kiddos. I completely love each of them but realize that the tone of my voice may not convey that. They'll only be this little once and I want them to remember this time as a happy time.


The concept of eating the frog is a guided process for completing goals. I love the breakdown of how to best accomplish your goals by setting daily, weekly, monthly mini-goals. The concept of "eat that frog" encourages one to do the hardest thing first so that its over and done with, emphasis on the done part! My goal isn't necessarily to follow everything in this book but more to create a work-able plan to get to my goals. I'll take what works for me in my more laid back, less type A-personality to get to where I'd like to be by 2015. With 3 young kids and a MOPS commitment to finish out I don't want to over load myself with a Daily-Must-Do that I'll become frustrated with one days where it would be better to just chill, hang-out, take a nap, go to bed early. You know those days..... :)

It'll be interesting to see what curve balls come our way this year and how my goals will need to adapt. I look forward to all that I have planned, to all that I hope it can be, and to all that will come out of left field ***well, maybe not all from left field***.
Happy 2014!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Creating a Cozy Breakfast Nook from Thrift-ed Finds

out with the old and in with the new    ~ love it~ 
In our Dave Ramsey fueled purge we sold our cute dining room table. The bulk went to our Emergency Fund and a fraction went to finding a replacement. I was totally thrilled to find the corner bench...something I've always wanted in our dining area. We weren't in love with the pieces we ended up with (except me with the bench) but we knew it was temporary and I could practice some furniture makeover skills on their ugly hydes. 

Table Before:
faded, stained, discolored paint...was that intentionally painted yellow or aged? or dirty? 
bottom line: it was embarrassing and usually hid under a table cloth
Table + 3 chairs = $35 dollars on Craigslist

Corner Bench Before:
free because one seat was broken, someone must have jumped on it. quick fix with some spare wood, problem solved.

original paint was in good shape until my kids took to it with markers. why did I think a 3 and 4 year old needed markers, and more importantly, needed them when my back was turned? must have been one of those days where I needed a cheap "babysitter" so mommy could "take 5." lol

we didn't mind the original fabric design but it was stained horribly! no amount of soap & water, nor the power of an upholstery cleaner could remove whatever dark and scary substance(s) had been ground into the fibers. since the cushions had to come off to be recovered I decided to just paint it. I was hoping for a more collective look, too. the white frame of the bench wasn't meshing as well as I'd hoped with the white legs of the table.
Corner Bench FREE via Craigslist Free
see the yellowed paint? has an odd ombre effect to it. probably not natural
found some white enamel paint (nightlight is the name) in my basement, a cast off from moving neighbors. it sharpened up the table beautifully!

benches were recovered with dropcloth. this is the first time I've worked with dropcloth and I can tell you that I am SOLD on it. cheap, cute, and cleanable. perfect. 

bottom corner: table with the leaves removed (needed floor space to recover the cushions)
the cushions are just propped up since the frame is still curing
I was just sooooooooooooo excited to see it all come together, even jumbled up.
I had to take a picture and smile at the transformation
~dreaming of sitting here with a cup of coffee~

before and after
 The table top is a vast improvement from a year ago where I lamely covered it with a bright orange plastic tablecloth from the dollar store.

Very very pleased with the results. :)

 Now, to pick a color for the chairs. :) 

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