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Re-Upholstered Chair

Not the cutest chair, but what is lacks in beauty it made up in comfort and cleanliness. 
Despite being found next to a dumpster (not in it), there were no smells, stains, or tears in the upholstery. If wasn't such a yucky green I would have kept it as is...but that green...ugh! My eyes couldn't forgive this color, no matter how soft the fabric was to the touch.  
The inspiration for the makeover came from this travel-inspired duck-cloth print from Hobby Lobby. I wasn't actively looking for anything, just perusing, and my eye caught a sale sign...and long story short, I decided that this was the look for this chair.

I had thought of painting the wood but just couldn't commit to a color. So, sanded it down to the pale pale wood grain then gave it a couple coats of Espresso stain by Minwax. Sealed with spray Poly-urethane.

 There was one small blemish that was quickly fixed with the efforts of my power sander. Seems someone's dog was hungry? 

The b…

Scrap Wood Star

Twinkle twinkle I love stars!

I've shared before that nearly every room in my house has a star somewhere. Some rooms have them several times over. During my booth-journey I learned about branding yourself and staying true to you, it occurred to me that I should incorporate stars into my booth. The problem with that is I like, like really really like, the stars I make and want to keep them. 
Now, this little star was created from bench boards that were illegally obtained. Shhhhh, don't tell anyone, especially the FBI!

This bench was pulled from the trash with hopes of fixing the bottom and keeping it for my kiddos. Unfortunately I cut too much from the bottom supports and lack the tools and drive to remake them. It kept rocking backwards and tipping over unless it was propped up against something, like the fence below.

After three years in the basement corner where-projects-go-to-die, I rescued the bench, again, and dismantled it. It was streaked with teal paint because I'd …