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For the Birds: a semi vignette

Whipped up a couple of bird feeders for the booth. It was inspired by this pin on Pinterest. It doesn't actually link to a blog, its just a picture.

I wanted something more rustic, rusty, and completely free. Mission accomplished. It was a pretty simple project. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Homemade stain. Love using this stuff since my work space is also the kids play space. You can see the bottom of the slide right above my "work bench." Work with whatcha got, right? 
Glued stained clothes pins to the front for the birds to stand on. 
Jump started the rusting process by sanding the cans and then soaking overnight in white vinegar. 

A blurry picture of my for-the-birds "vignette." There is so much more that could be added, nests, artificial birds, maybe a jar of birdseed. Baby steps here. Taking some ques from this article here: seven-secrets-to-merchandisingstyling-and-display. Step one is to group like objects together. 

I'm also taking advi…

Free Dresser Makeover

One of my favorite signs of spring, actually, favorite sign ever, is seeing signs like this: FREE. Especially when they are on such a gorgeous piece of furniture that also included the original wheels! It needed some work, replacement of a few knobs and replacement of the little thingies that keep the drawers from pushing all the way back, rework the paint job, but nothing major.

My neighbor and fellow booth owner drooled over it with me and suggested just sanding it down for a more distressed look. Sure beats stripping and repainting!

Glad I followed her advice, it turned out BEAUTIFULLY!

Sanded and sanded and sanded then sealed with FAT Paint clear wax. Looks wonderful in the sunlight! Had to stop and take pics while loading it up.

This is my favorite shot. 

And here she is set up in my booth. The dresser wasn't even situated yet before someone came by and started gushing over it. She literally couldn't keep her hands off it and kept stroking the top and sides while talking …