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The kinda-free tie/belt hanger

One winter I dragged my kids out of the house during nap-time to go to a "free house." The residents were moving and offered most items for free starting at 1pm. Usually I'm a stickler for nap-time since its also my nap-time. This mommy turns into a grumpy bear by four o'clock without her rest. Anyways, the bag I brought was too small to hold all my goodies, including this tie/belt rack. To free up my hands I entrusted my then very young kiddos with the awesome responsibility of holding their own winter jackets, the puffy, snuggly, warm coats, not the thin jackets which could easily be tied around their waists. Didn't my children understand that I needed to the ability to carry more free stuff?????? My two year old boy did not get this. Like most two year old boys he was more interested in checking out all the new "toys" to "play" with and at some point dropped his coat...which of course someone else thought was free and took off with it. No j…

Love-You-to-(puzzle)Pieces & Twine Wrapped Star

The puzzle piece LOVE garland at Exquisitely Unremarkable was the inspiration for this project. She does the most wonderful things with old puzzle pieces. Totally worth your while to skip over to her page and peruse.

Here is my take on her project in celebration of Valentine's Day:

I followed the tutorial at Exquisitely Unremarkable for the puzzle heart and used gloss enamel acrylic paint in Tuscan Red.   Twine Wrapped Star: The twine wrapped star was inspired by this photo via pinterest. Her version used Popsicle sticks, mine was made with paint stir sticks and hot glued as I went.

Sprucing up Stale Spices (yes, they do expire)

While I don't usually jump on the New-Years-Home-Organization-Challenge-Bandwagon, this year is different. After four years living in the same home (a record for my adult life), the clutter is starting to verge on early-onset-hoarding. You won't find this diagnosis in any professional psych journals but I assure you its real! Most of my de-cluttering occurs during moves and now the opposite is happening. Time to purge, organize, and clean the grime out of the corners.

I hung this up last year after an internet search on the shelf life of spices. The idea was that I would slowly purge my spices over a few weeks during cooking/baking. Yeah, right. That was an idea FAIL! lol This note went ignored for 365+ days.

current look:
My inspiration came from Pretty Handy Girl. Her glazed technique on her own spice rack turned out amazing! I tried to copy her color as much as possible, but used a different aging technique with stain.