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Most Viewed of 2013

2013 is the first full year of blogging for me. I've totally enjoyed blogland and the numerous linky parties out there. Many of these projects were inspired by other wonderfully creative bloggers. 

5. Shutter Headboard This is one of the projects that leaves me aching for a better camera. These shots don't do it justice. Love how this acts as a little shelf. And it was completely free! 

4. Nightmare Nightstand Renewed Did I mention that while hauling this beast into the van that the drawer slid out and smashed my toe? Blood was spilled on this project! 

2 and 3. Painted Terra Cotta Pots and Kettle Planter Middle Photo:…

Candy Cane Jars and Chalkboard Tags

I found this adorable idea, here, at masonjarcraftlove,com, via a linky party...I visit so many and I can't remember which one it was. Anyways, I didn't have any mason jars immediately on hand so I grabbed two spaghetti sauce jars from my glass jars collection.

I tweaked the process a bit because I was too lazy to make chalk paint. Just used straight acrylic paints, which is do-able since I knew I was going to coat with a matte finishing spray. **The only tip here is to be careful prior to finishing because the paint will literally peel off in stretchy sheets (while paint is semi-dry).

Also, on one jar I added a metallic red over the regular red  (the one with JOY on it). I love both jars either way and its nice to have a small variation among the pair.

Here's a 360ish view:

The adorable chalkboard tags were inspired from The Examined Life.
I used two paint pens: fine point and extra fine point.

These were gifts for co-workers and teachers. I used a homemade hot cocoa reci…

Cardboard Barn Star

There is something so alluring about these pointy geometric shapes. I can't get enough of them! Every time I see one on pinterest it gets pinned to my Stars Board. Definitely have a long list of star projects to keep me busy!

This newest star addition is a cardboard barn star compliments of Me and My Thrifty Ideas. Visit her page for a simple to follow tutorial.

Stapling the back of the star tip loosely creates a wide star (pictured unglued in top right corner).
Pulling the star tip all the way over produces a tighter star (pictured glued).

I like how the metallic paint catches the light differently through-out the day.

I will  never look at a frozen pizza box the same! 
Featured HERE at 504 Main.

February 2015 Upcycle - Craft Challenge Feature

Dumpy Dresser to Toy Storage

Anyone else tired of tripping over toys?  We love that our kids have toys and that they actually do play with them, but we're over having them litter the floor in. every. single. room.  After dissecting the dresser below I ended up with one toy shelf, one under-the-bed toy drawer, and two more drawers to turn into whatever: 

This ugly swan of a dresser was posted on Craigslist free. Originally it was going to go in my closet (after a makeover) but plans changed in the master bedroom. After a stint storing scrap fabric in the basement, a new purpose was found...pending the makeover it still needed. 

The back was attached with wood glue prior to installing the middle shelf, it popped off when I pushed too hard while sliding the shelf in. Not sure if I want to reattach it with hardware or add pallet slabs to the back. ~pondering~

I wanted to add a different drawer pull but nothing in my stash fit the current holes...and I was NOT about to add wood filler and measuring/drilling to this…