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Homemade and learn

Shout out to Shannon at Sewing Barefoot for posting a great tutorial on DIY reversible headbands. Like most things, I jumped straight into the project without really focusing on how to do it right.

My first one turned out cute...but WAY TOO SMALL! Wait? You're supposed to measurefirst? In retrospect, yeah, that makes sense. Instead of a cute spring green headband for me...I ended up with a cute spring green headband for a baby, or in this case, my daughters teddy bear.

As you can see in pic below, my straight stitch had a hiccup. No fear! A green rosette to the rescue! This will only work on a non-reversible headband. Whew, good thing I used the same fabric on both sides.

Take 2: Measure First
Via Sewing Barefoot's tutorial you can click here for a sizing chart. Genius! Pure genius. I like her

My second attempt yielded a headband I can actually wear on my head without it feeling like a vice. While I used the same fabric on both sides, I altered the direction of the stripes. On…

Rainbow Fruit Pizza

My daughter wanted a My Little Pony/Rainbow Birthday (because of Rainbow Dash, her favorite pony). Going along with the theme, we made a fruit pizza. Yum! I found an awesome recipe at Two Yellow Birds Decor. The only change I made was decreasing the amount of powdered sugar by 1/2 cup in the frosting recipe. Click Here to get the amazing recipe!

Don't you just love the bright colors! It didn't last long...we barely brought any home...and then it was gone before this pizza was 24 hours old.

Rainbow Fruit Selections:
(not all pictured...I went with on-sale)
Red: strawberries, raspberries, cherries, watermelon
Orange: peaches (canned peaches pictured), orange slices, cantalope, apricot 
Yellow: pineapple, mango, banana
Green: grapes, honeydew melon, kiwi
Blue: blueberries, blackberries
Purple: grapes

Are you drooling? It was yummy! Rainbow themed or not, this fruit pizza is a winner! 

DIY Hooded Towel

The second lesson from Crazy Little Projects Learn to Sew Series is how to make a zig zag stitch. The project we were to practice it on was a hooded towel: Crazy Little Projects Hooded Towel Tutorial. Her hooded towels are adorable but I couldn't quite follow her method because the hand towel I wanted to use had a design smack-dab-in-the-middle. Her method involves folding the hand towel inwards...and this would have decapitated Hello Kitty.

While using the zig zag stitch from the lesson, I followed the Hooded Towel Tutorial from Making It Feel Like Home. Its simple, very basic, and didn't interfere with the Hello Kitty pic.

Another Hooded Towel Tutorial can be found at: Simple Bliss. From what I gathered from the photos,  it looks like her tutorial offers the most "finished" look for the hood.

Wrap Up:
Here are the 3 sites/tutorials in order from easiest to hardest (in my novice-seamstress' opinion): 

1. Making It Feel Like Home
2. Crazy Little Projects
3. Simple Bl…

Flannel and Fleece Pillowcase with Pocket


Learn to Sew Series Lesson #1: How to Sew a Straight Line Lesson One Tutorial Instead of making the Burp Cloths like the project recommended I applied the same idea to a pillow case for my son. Per the  Learn to Sew Pledge: My lines won’t be perfectly straight the first day. Or the second. Maybe not even for a few months. Or years. That’s ok. Nobody cares. I’m doing my best.
Whew! I won't show it here, but there was some deviation from "straight" in this project. I've never sown with fleece before and the material is a bit stretchy. Live and learn!

The monkey flannel and the the blue fleece were remnant box finds. Score! Unfortunately the blue was longer instead of wider so there is a seam in the middle of the blue side but the material is so soft that you can't tell.

On each side I added a pocket for Curious George to sleep in. My son is nuts about George and monkeys are his favor…