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Pirate-Themed Giant Game Board

I work for an online ESL company called DaDaABC DaDa (recent name change). It's an online program that teaches English to kids in China. I've worked here, and by here I mean in my home office, for a solid year.

I've also had some of the same students for that length of time. To help keep class interesting I'm always looking for new games to play as an incentive for classroom interaction.

This is my most ambitious project yet! Usually, I stick with simple printable boardgames but its time to shake things up.

Shopping List: 

Dollar Tree
Blue Poster Board .69
Pirate Stickers
package Foam Sheets
Adhesive Velcro Dots
(recommend 2 packages of velcro)

Shark Finger Puppet from Ikea

Elmer's Glue
Wooden Ovals (optional) check the craft store or craft aisle at your local box retailer

Step 1:
Cut in half two of each color of foam. You'll end up with four smaller rectangles.

Step 2:  Pick a pattern. I chose a rainbow pattern.  Glue down.

Step 3:  Added some …