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"bonus piece" re-purposed

To toss or not to toss was the question with this piece leftover from turning a sofa table into a mudroom bench. Originally I called it a "bonus piece," and placed it in my craft room/hoarders corner, where its awkward shape became majorly annoying to shuffle around. It had no home. 
 Is it possible to have too many crafting/re-purposing items shoved into one corner?  After months of dancing around this weird leftover, I was left with 3 choices:  1. Actually craft/re-purpose with items in hoarders corner.  2. Purge items shoved into the dark recesses of the basement or are covered in spider webs.  3. Organize craft room/hoarders corner...which closely resembles #2. 

"Bonus piece" was re-purposed into a chalk board wall hanging.  (yes, the fireplace tile is just as ugly in person as it is in the photo. someone once asked me it it was covered in mold.  nope, its just ugly.)
Given that the name of my blog is "renewed projects" (only because it is less a mou…