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Fall Entry Way Facelift

Summer is going out kicking and screaming. Last weekend we took our kids to the pumpkin patch in  80degree heat...and of course I didn't bring sunscreen, we brought jackets. After an hour our family wilted and we left in search of ice cold sodas. The persistent warm days make it hard to get into the "fall mood," this includes trading in summery decor for falls muted tones. 
But, a request for a DIY post on frugal redecorating and/or renovating for a #FallFacelift project motivated me to think of oranges, reds, and yellows. 
For the #FallFacelift, I chose to give our entry way a makeover. 
1. Add More Storage
I believe our town home entry layout was designed for a childless man with a sum total of three pairs of shoes because there is a pittance of space dedicated to "mudroom" storage needs. Especially for a family of five. 
If adding more footage or shifting walls to create additional storage was an option, I'd use the Cash Flow & Net Worth Calculator to…

Small Bench Makeovers

Good news, bad news. Good news, I am going to keep creating in some capacity. Bad news, I am closing my booth down after 11 months. It was time to cut my losses financially, I usually made rent and a tidbit leftover, but not enough to warrant the amount of time that was poured into making projects. And I found myself moving towards a more flea market/upscale yard sale look just to attract customers. If I didn't have three littles at home and had more time (and sleep), I would keep plugging away until I found the "formula" for success in my area. 
I can always go back when life shifts gears. Until then I plan on participating in craft fairs as a vendor and explore selling online. My first craft fair was two weeks ago and was successful. Made back the money I put into it and then some. I've already signed up for another craft fair closer to Christmas. For now, this outlet allows me to continue my hobby-turned-income.

My favorite little corner of the booth was occupied…