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New Stuffed Bunnies

One of my favorite Spring projects were these stuffed bunnies. They can be used as a door decoration or placed on a wreath. I quickly sold out of my stash and needed more.

These bunnies are small enough that I'm able to use remnants or fabric pieces leftover from other projects.

Denim from torn jeans forms the back of each bunny. I hate throwing out jeans that are beyond wearing but still have perfectly good sections of denim left. I was happy to find a reuse for some of the fabric.

My previous bunnies were adorned with carrots made from scrap cloth which created a neat rustic effect but then I saw this little bunny in the clearance section. It sold me on the cord style carrots. The texture was visually appealing to me.

To make this look, I dyed white twine/heavy string (I don't really know what it is) with Harvest Orange acrylic paint mixed with a textile medium. After the twine was wrapped around, each carrot was given a final coat of paint to cover any gaps and dots of hot glu…

Faux Feathers

A friend was giving away an artificial tree which I promptly claimed. It was a nice addition to the unfinished basement since we used it to create ambiance and hide the raw concrete walls. Now, we're getting ready to finish the basement, so things are being donated, put in storage, or sold off. The tree, however, has been added to my crafting supply pile. 
Initially, I only wanted the trunks which turned out to be made of real wood. I fully expected some cleverly painted PVC pipes but was happily surprised by actual wood. The branches and leaves were tossed into a bag and added to the donate pile. We have a craft resell store nearby called "Who Gives A Scrap." I donate, then go inside and buy nearly enough to refill the space I just cleaned out. I'm sure there are some kindred spirits out there who understand this! ha! Anyways, I came up with an idea for the leaves before I thought of what to do with the trunks: make feathers. I pulled the bag of leaves out of the …

Union Jack Mini Stool

In college, I went through a small Union Jack phase. I really wanted a Union Jack wallet and tromped through three malls to find one that I liked and could afford (under $10 on my college budget). It was on my shoes, in my purse, and if I hadn't been so cheap I would have decorated with it more.

When I started flipping furniture I was dead set on painting on with a bold Union Jack. Some of my favorite ideas can be found HERE on my Union Jack Pinterest board. Part of 2018 will be spent on Union Jack themes. A bit of nostalgic crafting.

This mini stool was a thrift store find. Unfortunately, I do not have any before photos. It was just a plain wooden brown.

Dove Tails Vintage blog has a great post on how to create an accurate Union Jack. 

Since I plan on using this pattern often this year I thought I'd do myself a favor and make a stencil which actually turned into two stencils. I like to make my stencils out of lampshade styrene. To see how, Click Here for a short description.