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Repurposed Shutters to Storage

Found these lovely and sturdy shutters on Freecycle. Originally I thought they would be the more traditional looking types like the green one on the left. Instead I got a trunk full of European shutters like the ones on the left. All the cutesy ideas for shutters were shuffled to the back-burner and my brain started churning up new ideas.

Here is what I ended up with:

Not bad, huh?

And I still have a couple of shutters left over to play around with. :)

Linen Table Runner with Rosettes

Originally I'd seen this idea posted by Tracey at My-CreativiT. I thought I had a spare piece of burlap to use but when I dug out the fabric it turned out to be linen. So much for my memory. Oh well. The fabric would still fray so I went ahead with the project. 

Strip of burlap or linen (I used the wider one in the picture below)
Sewing Machine
Hot Glue Gun & Sticks
Step 1.
With pins I marked a line where the border for the fraying. Using the sewing machine I stitched around the edges.

Step 2: Fray the edges. This is messy and time consuming. Grab a movie. Pull one string out at a time. 
Step 3:  Cut a couple of strips to make the rosettes. The picture below created the largest flower. I used a shorter strip for the smaller flower. To make the rosettes I merged a few ideas from tutorials online. Hot glue as you go. 

Step 4:  Glue the rosettes to the linen table runner. CAREFUL! Without thinking I glued them while the table runner was sitting onto of my chea…

ReStore Raid Yields Fire-logs Basket

The mouse will play while the cat is away....

While my husband was away at drill for the weekend I did a little shopping-therapy. 
I missed him. The kids missed him. 
Off to the ReStore we went! Ate up most of the morning and gave me plenty to work with when I got home. 

My favorite find was this basket for $1.50. YES! Your read that right, $1.50. Its missing one of the handles which doesn't bother me so much since I won't be using it to carry anything around. And its a simple fix. Rip off the other handle and replace each side with leather-strap loops or rope....

First it got a bath in the tub with some watered down white vinegar. Allowed it to dry completely.

Then, I picked up a can of Krylon Duel Primer and Paint in Leather Brown Gloss and sprayed generously all over. The spray paint was about $4 or $5 a Walmart. The kids were a little crazy at this point so I just threw stuff in the shopping cart and made a beeline for home. 
Now we have a basket to keep our fire-logs in.

God's Gifts Advent Calendar

I've always wanted to make an Advent Calendar. I even had a couple ideas set aside for *someday,* but never did figure out what day that was! lol The Totally Green Contest Holiday Edition  gave me the kick in the pants that I needed. The contest objective is to create a holiday decoration (any holiday) out of at least one recyclable item. I love all thingsreusedand renewed! And as my husband can tell you, I have plenty of recyclables lying around. (His exact words were: I think you're becoming a hoarder. I'm concerned.)  No fear hubby dear! Some of those recyclables/hoard have found a purpose we'll treasure each year! 
It was important to me to include Bible verses for each day as an "echo" to what we are already teaching our kids. Scroll down to the final picture for the link to Bible Study Planet's verse collection on keeping Christ in Christmas and other verses used. 

Recyclable Materials Used

DIY Cinnamon Essential Oil and Storage Jar

Materials Needed (Oil):        Materials Needed(Jar):  Cinnamon                             Old Spagetti Jar Carrier Oil                            Burlap Cloth Pan or Pot                            Twine Muslin                                  Chalkboard Paint Strainer                                Hot Glue Gun Funnel                                  Cinnamon Sticks Glass Bowl                            Chalk Dark Colored Storage or Jar

To Make the Decorative Jar:
1. Spray Chalkboard Paint on Lid, allow to dry, repaint as needed
2. Cut Burlap to size of Jar, fray edges if desired
3. Hot Glue to Jar
4. I had an extra strip left over so I glued it around the middle
5. Wrap twine around as many times as you'd like, hot glue into place
6. Add Cinnamon Sticks if desired, hot glue into place

To Make the Cinnamon Essential Oil:
1. Place the ground cinnamon (around 1/2 cup) or cinnamon sticks (5-10) into the pan along with 2 cups of your carrier oil (preferable olive oil).
I used ground ci…