Friday, April 28, 2017

North Pole/South Pole Trinket Box

There aren't any before shots of this box because I didn't intend to turn this venture into a post. I underestimated how cool this project would turn out. 
Prior to the start, it was a super boring white box with some gold and white pattern on the top. 


(Excuse the blurry pictures, coffee shakes.)

A little bit of homemade aqua chalk paint and an old world atlas changed that! While I usually use road maps and such for map projects I gravitated towards the brighter colors and shiny thick paper from the world atlas book. The thicker quality stands up to Mod Podge better than flimsy road map paper, less wrinkling and zero tearing. 

Turning the box into a globe of sorts, North Pole is pasted on the lid with the South Pole featured inside the bottom. 

Under the lid was a recessed rectangle with no purpose for its existence. Do you ever get those magnet calendars in the mail, usually from the dentist or a realtor? Rather than tossing them, turn them into chalk board magnets for the fridge. 

I'll be honest and admit that I see little practical application for a magnetic chalkboard inside a trinket box. Inspirational quote? Memory verse? Top-secret "go" phrase left by your handler? 

I guess some purpose, however vague, is better than emptiness. 

oooo ~ new thought, I need to find a small compass to tack onto a magnet and include it with the box.  

What would you use this box for? 

Includes notecards. Tea Bags not included.