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Bench Refresh: mudroom to breakfast nook

I was bound and determined to love my new home "as is," especially after all the work it took to get our townhome ready to sell. We painted, pulled out old carpet (which is the most disgusting thing I have ever done!!!), and called so many handymen to help with odd projects that I just wanted to sit on the couch and binge watch something, anything, even if it was Octonauts (my youngest is four).

After moving in, I quickly discovered that my old stuff didn't quite fill the space of the new home, or fit in as well. A different floor plan changed the use of some items, like my mudroom bench. We simply have no use for it anywhere in our home. 
So we decided to use it at the kitchen table which is a more informal space now that we have a formal dining room. The bold turquoise design worked fabulous as an accent piece in our old home but just stood out like a sore thumb in our new space. The bench needed some work anyways. Too many winters as a sitting area for snowy/muddy boot…

Crate Nightstands

When it comes to small furniture, I'm a huge fan of a navy paint body with a stained wooden top. Its such an appealing combo (and the bestseller color combo when I had my booth or when I participate in craft fairs). It's not the only combo I use, but a definite favorite, so when I saw these on Pinterest I KNEW that my new master bedroom NEEDED them. And as luck would have it, I had scored six free crates next to a trashcan. Someone had screwed them together to make some kind of versatile storage. My first thought was to stain a couple of them but there was sloppily applied white paint all over and it seemed like too much work to sand.

For the original tutorial, visit Stacy Davis via Hometalk.  Below is how I altered her tutorial with what I had on hand and whether that was a good idea or not.

I chose convenience and bought my "feet" at Home Depot with the sole purposed of staining them to match the top.

The original tutorial had a wider base at the bottom of the fee…

Renewed Card Table turned Puzzle Table

Its been a few weeks since my last post. We moved and both started new jobs and we were (and still are) finding our "new normal." Our summer was a mix of fun and work that left little time for blogging. Inspired by Zumbo's Just Desserts we baked ourselves silly, we took walks to explore our new neighborhood, and I kept telling myself that I should really unpack a few more boxes or at least set up my craft space....but that isn't any fun.

Instead, I made time to make or upcycle things for our new home...and unpack the craft room as supplies are needed. I've wanted a puzzle table for a while now. Our youngest is no longer in the curious toddler stage so it seems a safe bet that he won't eat any puzzle pieces that are left out for an extended period of time.

Enter the ugly card table found next to a dumpster. It's rusty, its torn, it's a nasty green BUT its sturdy and free. Just toss a tablecloth over it and its perfect for craft fair setups.

A little TL…