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No Zombie-Style Faith

Last year we attended a Family Strong Bonds event thru the Army, using The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families as the curriculum. Habit Two encouraged families to "begin with the end in mind --  establish values and a Family Mission Statement." (paraphrased) 
Click Here for a summary of the book & the seven habits.
This verse is our Family Mission Statement. It helps us choose how to spend our time, money, energy, how we relate to our friends and family, etc. Personally, I think Christians over use "I'll pray for you," and then that's it. 
Prayer is great, don't get me wrong, there is power in prayer, but it is no magic wand.  James 2:14-26 encourages showing your faith thru your deeds.  In fact, it says, faith without deeds is dead. 
No zombie-Style Faith!  looking alive but really dead
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The technique for creating this picture was found on pinterest for use on a mirror. Check it out here:  ht…

A Penny for your Thoughts...or a Tray full!

Check out the different backings from different years ~~ love~~.  The older one's went into the bottom corner of the penny tray. 

May 23rd is National Lucky Penny Day, btw. Never heard of this prior to stumbling across a Pinterest post on it. Now, I already had these two projects in the works prior to finding out that there was a lucky penny day but had stalled on them. I'm notorious for littering our basement with half completed projects. So, National Lucky Penny Day became Just-Finish-the-Penny-Projects-by-this-Day day. It was a lot of gluing while watching TV, but they are done! ( is short some sealant).

Penny Tray: Dine in or Lap Top Friendly

Balancing pillows on my legs while working on my lap top in bed isn't very effective. A bit too wobbly. This tray was a $2 garage sale score and the inspiration came from Domestically Speaking, click here to see her beautiful version.

I accidentally deleted some of the "during" photos, but here is what I could fin…

Mad Hatter Tea Party -- The Beginning

For Teacher Appreciation week I set up a tea table in the teacher's lounge. It was a fun idea to pull together. Pinterest has sooooooooo many ideas. (Check out my Mad Hatter Tea Party board here.) Mostly I took the ideas for supplies I already had on hand. Still enjoy the challenge of repurposing and reusing. 

Here is the end result: (although, I totally look forward to expanding on this tea is garage sale season after all!

some photos were taken at the school, others were taken in my home

The sign post is an old chair leg rescued from a dumpster. It was scrubbed, sanded, and disinfected before being painted. 

Hobby Lobby had a paper crafting blowout sale recently so I splurged and bought some fun alphabet & number scrap booking stickers.

 I tried to make a path on the base but ran out of time to finish it. 

Hat Tutorial:

  The two-sided clock is one of my favorite pieces for the tea party. Painted toothpicks were …

Embrace the Fails

My two oldest are at an age where there are several new challenges in their lives (like school and math) that bring with them expectations that seem out of reach. Like many kids, they get nervous and try to avoid trying by saying, "I can't do it!" or "Its too hard!"

My response: 
I'd rather you try and make a mistake than not try at all. 

One of my goal's as a parent is to raise kids who are willing to take risks. And with that comes the attitude to embrace the fail, laugh if its funny, and learn from it.

In that spirit, here are two of my recent crafting fails and the lessons learned:

1. Foot Mittens
My old slippers had holes worn all the way thru them. Rather than buy a new pair I thought I'd combine eye-balling a Pinterest design + using my old slipper as a pattern + my foot for measurement to hopefully = awesome slippers that I could brag about making.

HAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAAAA Maybe if I hadn't nursed a beer while running the sewing machine it woul…