Friday, March 18, 2016

Giraffe Chairs

I have small obsession with jungle animals, back when I taught, my class room decor was jungle themed, my kids nursery was all zoo animals, and even now, whether my boys care for it or not, they have a jungle themed room.

I paid a grand total of $1.00 for both chairs...the green one from a thrift store and the blue one from a curbside dump. While sturdy, they needed some TLC. 

Originally I was going to make two different chairs so I didn't have to repaint the blue one...lazy choice. BUT, I've been studying other booth owners' blog posts and Paige from A Junk Chick Life swears that she will only sell chairs in pairs, single chairs just don't move. 

So, heeding her experience and wisdom, I made two giraffe chairs. The fabric was a remnant piece and the giraffe pattern was a fat quarter deal. The green chair was "sealed" first with packing tape before adding the fabric. Then, the fabric was coated with a fabric stiffener.

They were priced separately...just in case.  

I'm so glad I listened. Both chairs sold, together, in a week. 
(there they are...were, in the bottom right)

I guess I shouldn't be surprised at the quick sale. My littlest gave the seal-of-toddler-approval (this sounds like loud temper tantrum style screams when forced to part with the chair).  

There are still some zoo animal faces left on the remnant fabric...a monkey, an something else will pop up eventually that is jungle animal related.

Till then, my Crafters ADD is moving onto other projects. :)

Sunday, March 13, 2016

I've got the that is.

Navy Nightstand with Paint Stick Top
Look familiar? Its the same look as this navy end table. Things have slowed down a bit in the booth so I'm recreating items that have sold in my booth previously, hoping to unlock the magic...rents coming up. 
The navy color really complements this dumpster dive nightstand. It turned out so well my husband hinted at painting his dresser the same, its a dresser that really needs a makeover, again. (In an ignorant newbie mistake I painted grain sack stripes on a mid-century modern style dresser...didn'

 Converted Drawer to Storage Ottoman

My insistent assistant "helped" show off this sturdy concoction...its a cousin to Frankenstein's monster with all the random pieces that came to together to give it life. I really wish there was a place for this in my home, so many fun elements all pulled together, it is one of my favorite created projects.

That reclaimed wood lid turned out so beautifully that it'll be a "go to" for future projects.

Again, the insistent assistant showcasing the innards. He got jealous when I was taking pictures of furniture and not of him.

These legs were leftovers from two projects made from one sofa table: the ever popular trashed-sofa-table-to-mudroom-bench and the bonus-piece-re-purposed into a chalkboard. 
Here is a flashback photo from the "bonus piece" post. Legs were salvaged from this. 
 The drawer pull came from the Restore ages ago. It was bought as a set for a cabinet-door-to-serving-tray that I was working on...but the holes didn't line up...I was such a newbie...and didn't have proper tools...and got frustrated and scrapped the whole project. 

Finally, one of them gets to emerge from the depths of the "random parts" craft drawer and actually get used. Its a good fit, much better than the original. 

Originally this drawer came from a curbside purged nightstand. Original Post here: nightmare-nightstand-renewed. That poor drawer was hiding behind this ugly PLASTIC front...yes, plastic! It was just beyond ugly. 

and last, but not least:
Cube Storage Ottoman with Tray
Curb rescued, this started out as all black with some wear and tear. I was really excited to flip this piece since it was my first experience painting vinyl. I went with homemade chalk paint for the navy and the gray. It was pretty rough to the touch. Biting my lower lip I went ahead and purchased my first wax from Fat Paint (there is a booth near mine that sells it). Using wax as a sealer has been on my "to-try" list for a couple of years now. I just couldn't justify the cost when Hazmat has several other sealers available at no cost. But the stars aligned and now I needed wax.  Not only does it smell lovely, it softened up the texture. 

 I had thought to create a checker board pattern on the bottom of the tray...but time wasn't on my side. Trying to be mindful of the amount of time and resources I am putting into each project. 

The tray handles were in poor shape but firmly attached. They were re-wrapped with some scrap fabric. 
And my insistent assistant was thrilled to crawl on top and perch to demonstrate the excellent storage size. 

...and now I'm out of navy blue. 

 I LOVE this simple Navy Blue from Valspar paint. I found a mostly full quart of it at Hazmat and thought, "Why not?" and tossed it into my pile. Why not turned into MUST HAVE MORE!!!!!!! I've saved the lid so I can pick up a gallon. I think I'm about to move into a navy blue phase. 

One more thing:

I also redid my sign. The first one was hastily done and looked more amateurish than I had envisioned. Not sure if this is "the look" I want, but its better than what it was. There will probably be many revisions since I apparently have commitment issues with signs.