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A Mirror Wanna-be: Pass or Fail?

This frame was a garage sale find. Once home, the glass shattered, so the frame sat neglected for almost two years, completely buried under half-finished and half-forgotten projects. It was rescued back to life while poking around for something to display my Twinkle, Twinkle Book Page Stars wreath
There is a pre-attached wire strung across the back of the frame that I want to keep on. I hate those little tooth-hook-holders on the backs of some frames, I usually end up adding a wire to those because I have an easier time hanging them. Anyways, the wire would be exposed if the back of the frame was taken off. Again, I like the wire...just don't wanna see it.. 
What to do? 
Out came the aluminum foil, stretched a couple pieces across the front, then placed it back in the frame. 
What do you think? 
I like how it subtlety reflects light and doesn't add another competing color (had considered adding scrap book paper to the back instead).
Another option: linen or burlap The con: …

Twinkle, Twinkle, Book Page Stars

This star wreath was inspired by a Pinterest find. Click here for original website and tutorial. I love stars and have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to stars crafts. Currently, I'm in the process of creating a stars collection to place above our headboard in the master bedroom. Here is the first of several to come:

I like how the light casts star-shaped shadows in the wall. Romantic! 

The original post used wire for the wreath but I used an old hanger. It was what was on hand. I think it adds some fun dimension to the wreath. The wire version seemed too flat for my taste. The ribbon may or may not be changed depending on the final collection of stars. It seems a bit plain to me right now...but that might work with the whole arrangement in the end.