Sunday, February 28, 2016

Scrappy Fabric Projects

Fabric Hoarder?
Me, too.

I have boxes, totes, and random piles of fabric for "one day," and I continue to scavenge the remnant bin and bring more home! Not quite to the point of needing an intervention, but chugging out some scrappy fabric projects helps shrink the hoard.

First up: Birthday Decor
Dear Daughter turned eight recently. For her dress-up/tea party birthday I made her some homemade decorations that she can hang up in her room post party. Her party is long over and these are still hanging in the dining room. Eventually they will make their way upstairs. Eventually.

A bit tricky getting a decent photo with the sun shining right in...

The pennant banner is scrapbook paper and juice lids painted purple. 

In the far left corner you can see a decoration my son made for his sister. He used the leftover scrapbook pieces. What a sweetheart! 

Next Project:

This project took longer than I thought it seemed simple enough to make and in my mind simple equates quick. Not so. Digging thru my stash to find coordinating colors, cutting up strips, knotting strips to create length, and moving things around to spread out the colors was a bit more time consuming than I imagined.

Doesn't help that I was watching TV at the same time. hehe

I love how this turned out and the pictures don't do it justice. In addition to color, color, color, there is also a variety of texture: ric rac, organza, sequins, various ribbons, sweaters, felt, you get the picture. 

Looking at the booth from this angle, seems we could use some more shelves to get things off the floor--looks a bit cluttered. Still a work in progress. Better get off this computer and get busy! :) 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

YUM or Dumb? Weigh in...

I found a set of five bamboo trays in a freebie box and after a run through the dishwasher four of them were usable, the fifth was falling apart. They were boring as boring can be so I got creative and lightened them up. My husband didn't really care for the new look but I thought they were cute. Priced at 4 for $12.00. But they aren't moving. Neither is my Greek Key Tray, also for $12.00 (its wooden and in my opinion, way cute!!).

I've heard a few booth owners say that trays are a big seller for them...but I'm having the opposite experience.

What are your thoughts on these tray makeovers? Thanks for your input!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Door Table/Shelf

Found this door next to a dumpster at my favorite apartment dumpster...there's usually some good stuff set there as people move out. You can see a small hole on the edge that "ruined" it as a nice door but shoot, flip it over and you've got a fully functioning eye-candy door to work with. 

The end table was a Freecycle find and came with a twin. Just to see what was under the finish I had stripped the top. They have sat in my basement upside down or heaped with junk for over a year. They leave a large footprint so its been nice to have one of them out of the way.
Sawed the end table in two, secured, and gave one coat of oops paint. At this point I didn't have a clear idea of the finished look I was going for...just playing around. Figured if one idea bombed I could easily paint over it and start again.  

Originally I was going to use the other 1/4 of this table as a shelf on the door, but it was SUPER heavy and I just didn't trust that I could secure firmly enough on this hollow door. A while back my sister-in-law had passed on a set of cute lightweight wall shelves, the larger one fit after giving it a sloppy coat of paint.  

I ended up loving this oops paint and lamented that its not a set color...hopefully color matching can replicate it if I need more in the future (never tried color matching...the inner skeptic in me is a bit iffy on the results).

The entire thing was thoroughly coated in this gorgeous brown oops color...

...but it was too plain...let the layering of colors begin!

Layered with Sherwin Williams Graphite Gray ... a freebie picked up from Hazmat ... and added Berry Red acrylic paint. Sealed with Polycrylic, also from Hazmat. I LOVE free stuff and the environmental disposal at our local Hazmat usually has a decent selection. Click Here to read about free-products-at-local-hazmat.  

The door itself was sloppily layered with several different whites and creams...latex, acrylic, homemade chalkpaint. I'm not sure on the wisdom of mixing different types of paints together on a project but so far they all adhered like a charm.

 Its definitely eye catching, hopefully it'll drive more traffic to my booth. The Grocery sign, made from old deck wood, sold the same day. 

I'm lovin' this new permanent structure in my booth. :)

partying here: 
vintage charm button

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Finishing Touches on the Faux Fireplace

This is the second part of my Faux Fireplace for my booth. If you missed the first part, you can click here to see the beginning of this project.

I love brick walls. They display such unique character from wall to wall. My dream home includes a portion of brick wall, extra points if its original to the house. Until that day I'll just drool over pictures and figure out where to add faux bricks to satisfy my craving.

This is my first try at hand-painting faux bricks and I'm just tickled with how great the bricks turned out. Its fitting  for this space and purpose.

 A homemade stencil from another cereal box was easy enough for this small project. Although, if I were to tackle a wall, I'd invest in an actual brick stencil to save time.

The colors used: 
The Fleck Stone (top middle) was added for texture prior to the acrylic paint layers.

 A couple taped Cheerios boxes comprise the chimney and the knock-off root beer box was shortened on one end and serves as the chimney top. A random tin can from my craft stash completed the look. 

Have you seen those wood-slice-filled-fireboxes on Pinterest? They're cute and I was aiming for something similar for this project. 

I took a jigsaw to some firewood for the "logs" and got this far. This was more work than anticipated...creating the wood slice front would go quicker with a rotary or table saw, but we work with what we have, right? If I ever get ambitious I might fill up the front, but for now its not a priority...or a desire! 

I think its "mission accomplished" in creating a unique centerpiece to set my booth apart from the rest. After a walk-thru of the whole store I did find one other booth with a faux fireplace but it was for sale. It actually looked like it was designed to go around a small gas fireplace. 

There are still some ideas brewing in my head on adding to the charm and uniqueness of my booth. To be continued...