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Sanding and Staining FAIL

Experience is such a great teacher. If nothing else, I'm learning perseverance with this current "FAIL" project. 

I picked up this old, worn, dated dresser at a curb alert. After going Dave Ramsey crazy and selling our bedroom set we really needed something to hold clothes. The plastic drawers we have just aren't big enough to hold my husbands larger clothes.

While its in use currently, I HATE looking at it. Totally ugly. U-G-L-Y, UGLY!

So this was Attempt 1. Sand the top and apply a coat of dark stain. The first attempt fell short. In these two pics you can still see the original what-ever-it-is that covers the top.

Dug out the sander, again, and attacked it with more vengeance for Attempt 2

And.....................................another fail. Here you can see the remainder of the original topping that just won't come off! Its smooth to the touch but scratchy to the eyeballs.

I'm done sanding. Mostly I'm done cleaning up after the sanding. Anyone else…

Clearance Star to "Singing" Star

Image the star doesn't literally sing...but since its covered in sheet music its "singing." There is just something so fun about decorating with sheet music. I love seeing what others Mod Podge it too, the possibilities are endless!

Anyways, I'm a sucker for stars so when I found this in the party clearance bin at Walmart I threw it into my basket with super speed. MINE!

Its just cheap plastic but totally has potential. First, I spray painted it white so that I wouldn't have to deal with any blue playing peek-a-boo under the Mod Podge-ing. 

Next, I measured pieces of a cardboard box to use as a stencil. Using said stencil, I cut the facets of the star. The sheet paper came from a freecycle pickup of piano books. Most were written in, but this was nearly brand new and usable. 

 Its floating around in my "star-studded bathroom" for now until it finds a more permanent home.

Click Here to see a tutorial on the Twine Wrapped Star on the right. 

Organizing Hand-Me-Downs in the Closet: Monkey Boxes

I"m totally thankful for hand-me-downs and garage sale finds. Lately, though, my organizing of said treasures has slacked off and the bags have gotten a bit out of control. I"m not even sure what's up there, honestly!

Tutorials for this are all over the web and Pinterest. Pick one that works best for you. I used hot glue to secure the fabric. Nothing against my sewing machine...just didn't want the project to take any longer than necessary.

One box is for large clothes/next season's clothes. The second box is for clothes that are too small. We sell the kids too small clothes via consignment shops so I save them up before making a trip there. 
I"m still finishing up my DD's boxes. We're going with flowers and many great ideas to try and we haven't settled on any yet.