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Tin Can Pumpkins

One of my favorite decorations to break out during October/November are these bright and happy tin can pumpkins. They've sat on tables, in mantel vignettes, and sometimes on the front porch. Originally they had twig stems until my five-year-old decided to pull the stems off two of the pumpkins because that's what boys do, pull things apart as they explore and learn through doing. And then he lost one of the stems which meant I had to find a replacement before I could fix them. I'm only pulling that glue gun out once. 
I don't have a post on how to make these, but Linda over at Mixed Creations provides a wonderful tutorial with pictures and a shopping list. 
He did receive a rather grouchy talk from me about not touching things that aren't his. I wasn't looking forward to hunting down another stick, cutting it, and then gluing it. BUT, then we went to the pumpkin patch. While picking out our pumpkins from the field I noticed several dried and cut pumpkin stems. …