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Year in Review: Top Viewed Posts of 2015

Wow! I have to say that this is one of my more favorite round-ups of top viewed posts. These are some of my personal favorites, too. :)

5. Farmhouse Bench Ikea Hack

We LOVE this bench at our table. I've always wanted a dining table with a bench and was thrilled to find this freebie bench to makeover! I love its look and my kids prefer to eat on the bench verses the chairs. Win-win all around.

4. Penny Topped Tray

This upcycled tray has come in handy. It sits on my current nightstand for easy use...working in bed, using the lab top in bed, reading in bed (sheesh, this makes me sound lazy! haha). Much easier on my back than piling pillows onto my lap.

3. Spindle Chalkboard

 As popular as this was in Blogland Linky Parties it has not sold in my booth. Granted, the booth has only been open a month. Currently its missing from my booth since just before Christmas, the store has no record of a sale and hasn't found it misplaced anywhere else in the store. :(    Hopefully it'll turn u…

Kid's Storage Bench from Discarded Cabinet

There are a few regular places I troll for discarded items, one is behind the Clothes & Shoes donation bin in the grocery store parking lot. Many many many people "donate" more than clothes and shoes. These items get scattered around the bin since it is impossible to stick them inside the donation slots. These "donations" are illegally dumped so I just help myself "clean up" the area. This cabinet is the most random donation I have seen to date. It was in excellent shape, solid, with no funny smells or goo. Guessing its leftover from a kitchen renovation.

Doors removed, holes filled in with Wood Filler.

3-4 coats of homemade chalkpaint: white on the outside
& Rain by Sherwin Williams on the inside (my goal was to create the bench to match the Alphabet Table...maybe encouraging someone to buy both as a "set").

Joann's had an awesome sale last week on all their flannel. This Aqua Dot pattern was closest in color to matching the ABC'…

Reclaimed Wood Christmas Signs

These fence boards have lurked in my spare wood stash for I-don't-know-how-long and were overdue for some attention. When the first PEACE sign I made sold in a couple of days I snatched these two boards from their spider webbed corner in hopes of recreating the same look and sales (so close to making rent for this period, so close!!). 
And who bought them? My husband. His department is in charge of purchasing and arranging holiday decor and he seized the opportunity to say, "I know this cute little boutique with adorable Christmas decorations, let's buy all our stuff from them," Ok, that isn't verbatim but it captures the sweet heart of my DH. 
Their theme for the holidays is "Peace, Hope, and Joy." So in addition to a sale, I also got my first commission for personalized work, which is my boastful way of saying that they asked me to make a Hope and a Joy sign. 

I was out of fence boards and needed to complete these asap, thank goodness for …

Barn Sale End Tables Refurnished

Remember the barn sale I mentioned a couple weeks ago? Well, here are a couple tables from that sale. While in rough shape there wasn't significant water damage or evidence of nibbling rodents. Doable for an easy makeover. 
Table fresh off the farm, literally, hahahahhahaa, I crack myself up. 
Right to Left:  The top on this table was pretty worn, I was able to scrap most of it off with my bare fingers. After washing and sanding it was stained all over with Early American (middle pic) which definitely gave it a rustic look, but I wasn't loving it. (If I've learned anything from the early years of The Apprentice, it was 'only sell what you love.')  It needed color,  then it needed a focal point,  then my two year old added more color, (last pic) ugh.....after another sanding and another shot at the focal point, it was ready for sealing.  This table top was inspired by a Pottery Barn  knock-off at Sisters of the Wild West. They provide a printable templat…

Navy End Table: My First Sale!

Fished this out of my favorite dumpster. Yes, you read that right, my favorite dumpster. Its at an apartment complex in the better part of town. The part of town where one doesn't blink at tossing an $80.00 end table. 

A bit tricky to see in this photo, but the drawers are lined and in excellent shape.

I didn't care at all for the look this table was given. Is it rustic? Is it weathered? Or whitewashed? The paint sprayer malfunctioned and this happened? It needed a new color, fast.

Prior to painting, a bit of wood filler fixed a few blemishes. The top was rather boring, even if a new coat of paint spruced up the body. I'd loved the look of my paint-stick-herringbone-table-top and decided to do something similar. Coated with Walnut stain by Minwax.

The whole piece was sealed head to toe with polycrylic. My husband said its one of his favorite pieces that I have furniture flipped. Someone else thought along the same lines because it sold within the first six days my booth op…