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Alphabet Kid's Table with Chalkboard Center

This is one of my favorite booth pieces. Love the colors, love the alphabet, love the tiny little chair. It was hard to part with, especially since I spent waaaaaaaaaay more time on it than I should have considering it is a sale item. As long as I don't figure in the hours and hours spent on the hand painted letters I'll have gotten a return for the financial investment. 
Found this sweet little table at the local thrift store for $7.99. Some had just literally dropped it off outside of the donations door and the associates hadn't even placed a sale price sticker on it yet. Timing was everything this fun find! Solid constructions and hardly any knicks or weird goo on it. The only drawback is the single chair.  1. Washed it up 2. Coated with Kilz primer 3. Painted in two coats of latex paint in Rain by Sherwin Williams 4. Was looking kinda plain so I added a chalkboard center, which ended up looking like a record sitting on top of the table. 5. Added the Acrylic paints for t…

Wood Wrapped Black Shelf

This project is different for two reasons: 1. it doesn't fit my usual home decor, and 2. it is one of my introductory feature pieces for my very own booth! ~eek!!~  Click Here to see the booth.

My husband has encouraged me over the past couple years to sell some of my DIY projects. I've  been hazy on his motivation for said encouragement. Either its because he thinks my projects are totally amazing and others would fork over their hard earned green just to be the proud husband wants our floor space back. Maybe its a combo of both. ~wink~ With the encouragement, financial backing, and the alignment of the planets (my own opinion) my booth opened just in time for seasonal shopping.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand, I have a partner. A friend reconnected  an old MOPS momma and I because she knew we were both in the entrepreneurial mood. Its been fun! She has great ideas, beautiful handmade signs, and access to a recent barn sale (more on that later). Its been a great business matc…