Friday, April 29, 2016

Faux Planked Coffee Table

The Silver Troll strikes again! 
(I've decided to name my trash-seeking alter-ego: silver mini van trolling the 'hood for garbage. That's me.)

A bit used and abused, this table was part of a moving purge. In addition to the tattered top it also had a screw loose, literally, one of the screws fell out underneath. 

water stains, melted wax, a sticker, and some mystery goo

Took a couple turns for the paint stripper and some sanding to clean up the top. To create the faux planks I used my dremel (click here to see short tutorial).

Used Wood Conditioner before applying two coats of Early American stain & sealer.

I wanted more definition between the "boards," so I took a thin water color paintbrush and delicately applied Walnut stain into the grooves.

Finished off the top with two coats of lacquer.

The legs were first sloppily layered with homemade beige chalk paint. A white acrylic paint was then dry brushed sparingly. Lacquer sealed the finish.

The lighting isn't the best in any of these pics but you can kinda see the layered paint.  

And here she is displayed in my booth. She went in around noon on Saturday and sold before closing. I've NEVER had anything sell so fast. Must make more! 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Checker Board End Table

Remember the cigar-box-checkers-board I made earlier this month? I expressed my surprise at how time consuming it was to paint a checker board pattern and resolved next time to use scrapbook paper as an "easier" way to create the same pattern.
 Yeah, not so much easier, but then again, I complicated it. 

I chose a vintage book page with a picture that was a bit tricky to stagger while maintaining the essence of the image. Now, if I had just used plain old book pages without an illustration this process would have gone a lot faster. Lesson learned.

An old creme cheese container with a french print served as the box for the checker pieces. I used the same method & materials for these checker pieces as I did for the cigar box checkers. 

 The end table is a fairly large and sturdy table and was part of a set found on freecycle a couple years back. 

On the left is the first table that, out of curiosity, I had stripped the top. 
That end table became part of my door-table/shelf booth display. 

On the right is the twin table, which now functions with a dual purpose: tabletop and game board. 
It flew out the door in less than a week, which is nice because it was a bit bulky for the booth. 

The cigar box checker board is still hanging around.  

Hopefully third time will be the charm in creating an easy checkerboard pattern. No paint. No illustrations to stagger. Fingers crossed! 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Upcycled Candle Jars

These old candle jars were fished out of my craft supply. I really can't tell you how long they've been stashed away for a project of unknown vision. One jar is from Yankee Candle Company and the other one is some mysterious store brand bought somewhere at some point in time. After the candles burned down, I just couldn't toss out such lovely jars with lids. 

Cleaning the jars is a simple process. I DO NOT recommend microwaving the jars to melt the wax, the end of the wick is secured with a metal tab. Instead, using an old pot, I set the jar in boiling water. Using an oven mitt I carefully poured out the melted wax into a tin can, saving it for later for who-knows-what (you know you're a hoarder when...). After the jar cooled, I sprayed it with rubbing alcohol and wiped clean with a rag. 

I went with a spring themed creation. 

Bless Our Nest 

Didn't realize until I enlarged this photo that it looks like a bird mug shot. When seen from an angle, this is an adorable bird-in-a-jar.

 Empty Nest Spring Jar

The pic was camera shy and didn't photograph so well inside the it is enlarged:

I didn't set out to create an empty nest spring display, it was supposed to include a bird, but my two year old bit its beak off. He's not a vicious child, just a hungry one evidently. He also chewed on the faux bird eggs set aside for another nest project and that I could understand, they did look like candy. He must have been disappointed when he bit into those! No chocolate insides there. Maybe I should keep snacks in my craft room so he stops nibbling my supplies.

 Tried for a top shot...just wasn't working. IRL (in real life) it is much easier to read the picture.

On a side note: I just learned what this "text speak" meant, IRL, and I'm sure tweens everywhere would roll their eyes at that confession. They can't imagine a world where everyone spells out WHOLE words when three letters will do. Spelling is only for old people, you know, like the empty nesters, or the on-the-verge-of-middle-age women who are trying to arrange a teenage babysitter via text.

Anyways, here they are sitting on the middle shelf of my door/shelf. I really really wanted to use them in a Pinterest worthy vignette but people keep buying things (the nerve!) and it messes with the display (the rough life of a booth owner). While I didn't go all Pinterest crazy, its an aspiration this greenhorn will keep shooting for. Baby steps. 

I'm on the hunt for more candle jars with fitted glass lids. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Map Topped Night Stand

The beauty started off as a generic prefab night stand discarded during a movers purge. It was a little sad and worn...totally forgot to take a before pic. 

Anyways, after a good washing, some TLC, and a few coats of homemade chalk paint in off white this night stand was ready to stand out. I wanted to do another paint stick top but didn't have enough on hand to cover this top. Plan B: fabric. 

Fabric remnant from Hobby Lobby, its so cute I'm seriously thinking of buying the bolt. Its a repeating map pattern rather than an actual map so I positioned the remnant based on the pattern rather than the edges of the fabric. Mod Podge was used to adhere to the top then added a couple coats on top of the fabric before sealing the entire piece with lacquer. 
pic came out a bit blurry here...but you get the idea

 Original hardware spray painted with Dutch Boy brand gold enamel. Its a go-to color for me.

Mod Podged some scrap book paper to the bottoms of each drawer to hide stains that wouldn't scrub out. I actually like the extra color opposed to the boring prefab brown they were. 

The fun thing about items with drawers is that they make a nifty shelf. This piece sold in a week so its "book shelf" days were short lived.

I'm looking forward to adding this look regularly in my furniture makeovers, seems like an attractive choice to customers. 

Have a great week!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Cigar Box Checkers Board

This is one of those projects where I thought I could whip out four or five of these in no time. Its a simple idea...but making the chalkboard pattern is more time consuming than it looks. As a result, I've only made one of these. 

The box is already black so I used painters tape to create the pattern prior to painting the white squares. That was the monotonous part, using an exacto knife to cut out every.single.white.square. UGH! Tedious. Time consuming. 

(I have another project in the works where I used scrapbook paper to create the pattern. I'll share my thoughts on that later.)

Originally I was going to make it a chess/checkers set and had scoured Pinterest for fun DIY chess piece ideas, but I was loosing steam FAST for this project and just wanted to get it done and over with. Instead I settled for Mod podging stars to the flat side of the decorative rocks (Dollar Tree) for the "king me." 
There is definitely some room in here for chess pieces, too. If it sits too long I'll make some to boost its allure. 

And here we are, a classy version of a traditional game.

In the rush to get pics I didn't even take note if the board was facing the right way. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be a gorgeous teaser of summer so I'll be able to go outside and finish the scrap paper checkerboard table. It needs lacquer which is way too stinky and toxic for applying while inside. 

Wish you all a beautiful day tomorrow! 

Friday, April 1, 2016

Bottle Cap Flowers -- Most Popular Booth Item

These cute flowers were a last minute make before moving into the booth. I was simply trying to add some smaller items and didn't really think that they would sell...and keep selling! I've already lost count on how many I have made.

The inspiration came from Amanda at
(You gotta click over and see the horse she also made from bottle cute!!!)

Each flower is composed of thirteen bottle caps, a juice lid, wire, and a wooden or metal stem. E6000 glue holds everything together nicely. 

Where, oh where, did I get enough bottle caps to make a mini garden? Once upon a time I had a bottle cap tray makeover on my "to-craft-soonish" list and began collecting caps from glass sodas & beer. Zeal for that project waned but I continued to collect caps for the next two know, just in case. 

So.glad.I.did! It's paid off, literally! 

But now I am nearly out of caps...would it be weird if I stalked bars on Friday and Saturday nights and asked for their bottle caps? 

These cute flowers are displayed in my old-school-chair-turned-planter. Its one of my favorite pieces in my booth but no one else shares my love of rusty blue chairs. Its sat in my booth since day one, four months ago.  That's ok, it won't hurt my feelings if it has to come home with me and stay in my backyard.

Here is a before pic of the chair which was literally found outside a barn. I was supposed to put together a post on that barn sale...but I lost most of the pics of all the items together in their dirty, straw-dusted, horse pooh caked glory. 

Anyways, my older kids helped me hammer away the old, faded, and cracked seat and backing. Then I added a simple sign and flower pot...that was it. Easy peasy. 

I kept one of the flowers for myself (the center cap is from a beer bottle my husband brought back from Slovania). Its sat outside all winter with the hopes it would start rusting...which hasn't happened quite yet...fingers crossed.

I'm looking into creating flowers with less bottle caps to see how they sell...hopefully that will stretch the meager supply currently on my counter. If not, I'll have to muster my courage and ask a bartender for their nights stash of bottle caps. Until then, I'll be buying soda and beer based on their cap color.