Friday, August 30, 2013

Fall Wreath from Recycled Holiday Decor

This wreath is a recycle from last year's Burlap Wrapped Fall Wreath. Loved it, but the crafty side of me wanted to try something different. 
the wreath hanger on the door fell off
so this is where its at now

These old things were in an assortment of holiday decorations that my husband picked up from work. They were on their way to the trash. We've actually put this on our door. ~eeek~

My daughter has drawn names all over it. ~awwww, how sweet. everyone she loves~

Now they have four coatings of chalkboard paint.

The rosettes are leftovers from a scrap-fabric-rosette-frenzy I went on this spring. They were the wrong colors then, but perfect for now!

Straight pins hold them on for an easy switch-up later.

Some other ideas for the chalkboard hearts: 

Girl Scout * Cookies * Welcome

No * Solicitors * Please

Beware! * Messy * Inside 

For now, this says it all: 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Nightmare Nightstand Renewed

I found this "beauty" of a nightstand sitting on a corner...alone...deserted...abandoned. The only thing this nightstand had going for it was that it was free. When I see things like this, I wonder, when was this really "in?" I'm grateful that faux wood in a clunky arrangement never caught on. Luckily several of the "decorative elements" were easy to knock off with a firm tap of the hammer.

The Transformation Process:
1. Remove Drawers and Inside "guts"
2. Replace bottom with random bits of wood and wood glue
3. Remove "decorative elements" (see arrow)
4. Fill holes (I used joint compound because its what was on the shelf. Maybe wood filler would work, too, but this table is faux wood. Is there a faux wood filler? lol)
5. Paint with homemade chalk paint... used 3-4 coats
6. Used spray sealer
7. Optional: Added contact paper to the top and inside bottom since this is in my son's room. His humidifier gets bumped often and contact paper seems easier to wipe up then deal with potential water damage.

Before and After

oops! bit of contact paper is hanging off the top corner
better take care of that before my son discovers
the "giant sticker" on top