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Reclaimed Wood Ceiling & Accent Wall

Once upon a time we were going to refinish our basement. We set aside money, met with contractors, toyed with the idea of another bedroom or bathroom. Then family called and invited us to stay with them in Oahu. Plane tickets it was with no regrets! While we haven't looked back, we have looked up. Its an eyesore.

So I snatched a bunch of fence boards (thank you spring windstorms for maintaining a bountiful supply of fences) and scrubbed and washed and measure and cut. The result? A free ceiling and splinters. :)

Read on or scroll through the pictures to see the before, during and after.
**basement lighting is unfriendly for quality pictures. I tried. PicMonkey helped.

Accent Wall

Who wouldn't want to stare at toilet pipes while chillin' in the basement? When my first son was a toddler/preschooler with insane amounts of energy he tried to climb up these! I totally freaked, not something we want breaking!!! Can you imagine? ~shudder~

Spray painted the boards black since I wa…

Chicken Wire Front: Yay or Nay?

This isn't the reclaimed wood post I promised (which I am working on, I swear!!) but I  need some feedback.

I found this cute little box in a tub of free stuff. What is the purpose of a tiny drawer box like this? Still working on that.

The finished box will be part of a "small boxes" display in my booth for the upcoming craft fair rush. Originally, all boxes would be navy blue with maps Mod Podged somewhere, most likely inside. But I swear things TALK to me and not every box wants to be navy blue or map themed.

Like this square little drawer, it "told" me it wanted to be turquoise with a farm-inspired front which of course meant chicken wire. (It's a very fluent box that knows what it wants.)

Being the obedient crafter I am, I listened. And now I'm not so sure I should have.


Part of me wants to rip off the chicken wire and stencil chevron stripes in turquoise.

Mostly I'm lost because I don't know what to use this box for. How do I marke…

Fabric Garlands in the Etsy Shop

My sister and I have joined forces and opened an Etsy shop:
It's mostly her stuff since I've been slow to complete projects. Busy summer with the kids plus repainting the interior of our home has kept me BUSY! There are a couple posts in the works to bragshow off highlight some of my summer projects, coming soon. One hint: it involves lots and lots and lots of fence boards. Lots. 
Each garland was carefully knotted and adorably named. 
Most are priced at $28 or less, plus $6 S&H. Most at 6-7ft in length and roughly 3inches wide when displayed. 

Summer Fun


Card Trick

Ahoy Matey


Fresh Mountain Air

Earl of Gray

Vintage Rose