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Pallet Display Boards

I made these cute pallet display boards for our MOPS raffle this week. This week's topic is "Be Significant" with a video message from (check out her blog if you are a momma up to your ears in kiddos) The C.S. Lewis quote, found here, succinctly sums up the message and pairs nicely with a picture of your kiddos, or, in my case, my son's hand print fish card (the inside reads: I'm hooked on you!). 

 This one is my I'm keeping it.  I love the color variations between the boards, the holes and knots. 

This one has a fun beveled edge on the middle plank.

Pallet boards Pre-Stain
 Pallet boards Post- 2 coats of homemade stain

LOVE this Tacky Spray! The can does not lie, it is Fast! I found it easier to work with than Mod Podge...mostly because I tend to wrinkle paper when I use MP.  The Crystal Clear was used to "seal" the paper after the Tacky Spray dried. There was some curling of the paper's edges which had t…