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Painted Terra Cotta Pots: Five Year Follow-Up

These painted pots are one of my most popular posts with over 8,000 views. This may not seem like a huge number compared to high-traffic blogs, but for a hobby blog it's a pretty good flow. Since its popping up in the Popular Posts feed so often I figured I'd do a follow up on how well these have weathered.

Here is a before picture. (Click Here to see the Original Post)

One year I brought them all in to protect them from the winter snow, but other than that they have been fully exposed to the summer sun, winter storms, wind, sprinklers, and curious children.

Five years later, here is how they have weathered the outdoor life.

I was wondering why the large fish scales pot was showing more wear than the others. My only guess is that the smaller pots were first coated with a Clay Pot Sealer to avoid water leaking out from inside the pot. The fish scales pot was a curbside find and since it already had dirt in it, I didn't use the Clay Pot Sealer on the inside. My guess is the …