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Frozen Inspired Cape

My little girl is truly a girly-girl inside and out. She has adored the Disney Princesses, especially Ariel and Rapunzel, owning 3 different Ariel costumes (thank you garage sales!!!) along with several other princess dress up clothes. She has jumped on the Frozen bandwagon (like so many).

Most of her play dates center around who is Elsa or Anna, and her little brother can play only if he agrees to be Olaf.
 I love the imagination her and her friends put into their pretend play and wanted to add to it, but in an economical $45 costumes here!

A quick Google search yielded several takes on Elsa's blue dress and cape. Inspired by the variety of the recreations I was able to use items already in my fabric stash...except for the white gauze material that I picked up in a remnant bin for a bit over a dollar. (A dollar is my favorite price tag. I swear I'll buy anything if its a dollar!)

First time using iron-on hem tape and I am SOLD! So.Much.Easier!  I totally hate ironing…

Knocking Off a Knock-Off

While I was garage sale-ing I kept coming across all this free stuff. Seriously. No joke. On the curb with a sign, next to the trash can (no sign, but heck, its a given), or my kids finding chicken wire on the ground (who tosses chicken wire aside? of any size???). Best day of "deals," ever!   Here's where some of the goodies went: garden pot, frame (repainted), and the chicken wire framed for seasonal decorations (currently on the mantel, but it has many homes).
While washing the frame with glass insert, the glass toppled (darn wind) and shattered. I was a bit bummed at having lost such a great find but hung onto the frame for further inspiration. It wasn't until discussing where/how to use the mirror that I noticed that the frame could be glued onto the front of the mirror. Hmmmmmmmm, wheels started spinning.

Here was the first attempt at color options:  Yeah, uninspiring.

Then I saw this on Pinterest. **love** and a DIY search yielded this great tutorial: http://…

A Greenless "Green" Wreath

Happy Spring! In true Colorado form, the first weekend of Spring brought snow and ice. I'm getting antsy for flowers and green things (that aren't found stuck in my teeth). While Mother Nature throws a temper tantrum, or is it Jack Frost who's being moody?, I'll just prep my home for Spring. By the time it warms up and stays that way, I'll be ready to jump into the garden and get dirt under my nails.

cardboard (I used the cardboard from a frozen pizza.)
twine (found this at the Dollar Tree)
scrap fabric (leftover drop cloth and an old denim skirt)
sewing machine (or a needle, thread, and patience)
stuffing (I gutted a curb alert freebie throw pillow)
optional: bunny stencil 
I printed one from Google images, or you could draw one

Depending on what you have on hand, this is a free project full of upcycles and reused items. My favorite kind of project!

For decorations I used a variety of flowers.  These were purchased from 3 Cords, a non-profit that be…

Book-Page Themed Favors and Prizes

I'm a sucker for books, especially used books. When we bought our home, the first addition we made were custom built-in book shelves in the living room and the master bedroom. Even with those additions its not quite enough so I'm planning on a wall to wall built-in bookshelf for the basement. (shhhhh, I haven't told the hubby yet)  One of my favorite ways to get books is at my favorite coffee shop which has a book exchange nook (all the best do, right?). Combines my two favorite things!

So when a friend told me she signed up as an Usborne Books consultant, it didn't take long to talk me into hosting a party. (Click Here to see her facebook page and learn more about Usborne Books.)While Usborne focuses on children's books on the educational side, book-page themed party favors and prizes seemed appropriate. I used several ideas from Pinterest as inspiration. You can see my Love Me Some Books board here.

There must be a trick to sewing paper. I've seen sewn paper…

Trashed Jug Bedside Lamps

This post could easily be titled "How to set your dining room chairs on fire," or "How to needlessly pay twice as much for something." Oh, the learning experience this project became! 
Let's start with possible title Number 1: How to set your dining room chairs on fire. It's not all that funny and more scary than anything. It ended well, lesson learned without damage.  These are the instructions from the make-a-lamp-kit. In short, the highlighted section explains which wire goes to which screw for the correct electrical current.  I didn't read it. And this happened: the wrong flow of electricity caused instant sparks and popping noises as soon as the lamp was turned on. In a matter of seconds the electricity melted through the socket cap ruining the socket, and the light bulb, and sending ashy sparks onto my upholstered dining chairs charring them slightly. Learn from me: read the directions and avoid this fire hazard.
Next possible title: "How to n…