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Garden Junque Part 3

Summer heat is in full swing whether we've passed the Summer Equinox or not. Flowers have bloomed, wilted, drank some water, and perked back up. Anyone else sporting a dirt-under-the-fingernails manicure from tending their garden? If you're like me, it takes an automatic watering system to keep everything anything alive, so I tend towards more creative ideas to brighten the garden, like painted pots,penny gazing ball,or fairy houses.
This edition of Garden Junque is centered on merchandise created specifically to sell. I can't be the only one who relies on repurposed finds to accent my garden!
Pallet Planter Boxes
These simple boxes were created as merchandise for craft fair season. I just love the funky spindle/table leg handles on these, they are beautiful with or without flowers.

The handle on this was a black table leg distressed with turquoise paint. I took this to my booth with clenched fists, I just loved it so much! It sold in under a week simply because it is awe…