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Jewelry Box makeover Frozen-style & a "Sea Stick" upcycle

Hello Blogland! I missed you all during my summer hiatus and was tempted more than once to log back on and linky-party-away. It was a good break, though, filled with play dates, road trips, some crafting (minus the blogging) and spider squishing --- we seem to have extra spiders this years. ewwww ~body shiver~
One of my craft projects on my summer-to-do-list was to update my jewelry shelf. My husband found a beautiful "sea stick" aka, driftwood, while in Connecticut. ("sea stick," a phrase that reminds us of a funny trip to the beach during our dating days) I'll show you that at the end.
In the meantime....I set my old jewelry box on the window seat (this was a $3 garage sale find, new in the box!). While redecorating, a storm came through, the wind picked up, blew the window shades fiercely, and knocked the box to the floor. :( I'd already had plans to fix it up for my little princess, so this was a time consuming set back. Thank goodness for Gorilla glue.…