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Broken Door to Farmhouse Chalkboard

Our 1985 townhome came with the original doors which have the charm of shoulder pads and tracksuits. When faced with the price tag of replacing the doors or enduring their blah look, we went with the former. With two kids in diapers, we had other things to throw money at. 
And then those little diaper-bottomed babies grew up and out of nappies and entered the sibling-rivalry phase, a parent's greatest joy. Our oldest two are a year and a half apart and for the most part get along, but when they don't, they really don't! There is no half-hearted effort when it comes to them fighting. Countless times my daughter slammed the door to her bedroom to keep her brother out only to have him match her force on the other side. Matching force to force led to forcing their way through the door! We literally had to lift the door up to swing it closed or open as the casing began to fall apart. 
The door needed replacing but we didn't want to reward our daughter with a brand new door. …

Mini Dresser Makeover: staining over paint

Part 1: Before I don't have a true before photo because I deleted them all to free up storage on my phone. Just picture this dresser covered in a chipped glossy blue with red paint peaking out. Each knob was its own unique color. This mini dresser was obviously used for a kids room and probably looked great in that environment. It didn't look so hot next to the dumpster. Normally I wouldn't pick up something that needs that much paint removed but this baby is solid wood and easily fit in the back of my minivan. I was sold and my daughter was tired of treasure hunting and wanted to go home. Not sure my love of junk is catching fire in her soul.  After I closed my booth I was left with too many projects to complete. While I had no need for this dresser I just couldn't part with it. For a time it functioned as a craft storage...when I could get to it that is! Definitely a craft hoarder, here. 
Part 2: During
It took a few coats of Citri strip to get this paint free. It'…

Fence Board Headboard

Updated Picture: This is how it looks in our new home. ~swoon~ To see the crate nightstands, click here.

We're in the midst of giving our home a facelift from the inside. Painting, decluttering, more painting, googling "how to decorate a shelf" (I even started a Pinterest board on #shelfies because I'm lost on making things look professional) you know, the little changes that add up to create an impact. Did you know that Sherwin Williams will send a paint consultant to your home? She was wonderful! She walked around and looked at the natural light sources, listened to our color scheme ideas, and made suggestions based on our home furniture and decor. (Not paid by Sherwin Williams to say this...just passing along good info.) No more buying/trying several paint samples before deciding on a color.
Anyways, I digress.

We're switching our Boho influenced bedroom to a farmhouse look, hence the need for a new headboard. I'll keep the shutters/headboard for another …