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Painted End-table

The bedroom to people ratio in our home just went heavy on the people side leaving us wishing for one to two more extra rooms, or even just a den. As a result, our "office" shares space with the dining room. Not all the furniture matches, which is being remedied. I figure, if it can't be organized, at lease it can be color coordinated.

Some neighbors moved out, tossing a bunch of "trash" on the curb, including this end-table. Very functional, very plain.

The legs were painted Almond by Rustoleum. I love how the lighter color on the legs highlights the decorative curves.

Candy Corn Wreath

This post could also be called: Crafting While Hungry.

Originally I was inspired to make a scrappy rag wreath like this one from the Rustic Pig. Somehow the search for scrap fabric led to the discovery of the felt scraps...which meshed with a candy craving...

And the result is: a scrappy-felt-coat-hanger-wreath, candy corn style.

Not sure I'm in love with the felt scraps compared to the way fabric scraps would have looked...but I am enjoying a newly opened bag of candy corn. De-lish! 

Bring on the trick-or-treaters!