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Reclaimed Wood Stars

I love stars. They are in almost every room in our home except for the master bath...which will change after we finish tiling around the shower.

Hawthorne and Main (click here) provided a wonderful template to use, I adjusted the sizing myself using the width of a ruler.

It was suggested to use a scroll saw but I do not have one. I went after the wood scraps with a jigsaw. Jigsaws are great if the length of wood is long enough to pin down on one end or you own a clamp and saw table. I own neither. I use a small table (pic on left) and my knee for support, the jigsaw can be aggressive.

The weathered wood was a bit too brittle and shattered from the motion, nothing Gorilla Glue couldn't fix.

Also, on the smaller pieces, I wasn't able to hold them still enough and my cuts weren't as crisp and straight. (see the circled part, there is a gap) I fixed this by adding a smaller star on top.

The smaller pieces had their own gaps because it was harder to hold the smaller pieces still…